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November 2018
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By Esperanza  2018-11-29
laser die cutting machine, laser die,
The light control of the laser die-cutting machine is mainly affected by the laser tube in the laser die cutting machine.the laser power supply, the water circulation system and the light-emitting signal of the laser die……
By Kerry  2018-11-28
laser die cutting machine, die sawing machine,
Laser die cutting machine is using the laser to burn the plywood. laser die cutting machine is will leave carbonized layer surface on the kerf wall.Auto die sawing machine is using the saw blade to cut the plywood. CNC d……
By Owen  2018-11-27
automatic die sawing machine, CNC die jigsaw machine, laser die cutting machine,
Yisong Environmentally friendly automatic die sawing machine for PVC die is a new patented die making machine to handle PVC die board (bakelite sheet board; plastic die board). The PVC die handled by this CNC die jigsaw ……
By Esperanza  2018-11-26
steel bending rule machine, steel bending rule,
The emergence of fully automatic steel bending machines has brought greater convenience to the printing industry. Our common steel bending rule machine has a manual bending machine and a computer automatic bending machi……
By Owen  2018-11-23
automatic die saw machine, Laser die cutting machine, CNC die sawing machine,
Laser die cutting machine is widely used in die making industry all over the world. Do you know if there is another choice for die making? Yes, here we present you the new patented CNC die sawing machine. We develope……
By Esperanza  2018-11-22
automatic bending machine, bending blade,
The choice of automatic bending machine blade should be selected according to three principles. Whether A produces a long version B customer requires high C die cutting pattern is complicated for the bending machine.
By Kerry  2018-11-21
laser die cutting machine,
Why laser die cutting has the advantage:Laser die cutting machine-laser cutting is a great and cost-effective way to die-cutting;Laser die cutting machine is easy to cut any design;Laser die cutting machine doesn’t need ……
By Owen  2018-11-20
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
The laser die cutting machine should be operated for a long time. The operator should always check whether there is water leakage or condensation in the water pipe inside the laser; whether the vacuum pump or Roots pump ……
By Kerry  2018-11-17

The types of lasers used in laser die cutting machines, industrial laser die cutters usually use CO2 or fiber laser die cutter, occasionally use diode lasers or Nd: YAG disk lasers, and generally use sealed CO2 laser die……
By Owen  2018-11-16
laser die cutting machine, laser die cutter,
The guide rail and lead screw directly determine the transmission speed and accuracy of the laser die cutter. It is the most expensive mechanical component that can be replaced on the laser die cutting machine. The effec……
By Esperanza  2018-11-15
laser die cutting machine, laser die,
The laser die cutting machine is guided and reflected by the optical path and is focused on the processed object by the focusing lens group for the laser die cutting machine.The laser must be cut by the high power densit……
By Kerry  2018-11-14
blade bending machine,
Auto blade bending machine is not only widely used in packing & printingindustry, die-making factory but also widely used in the die-making of bos,doll,electron product, adhesive stickers,label, trademark and so on.
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