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June 2019
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By Owen  2019-06-29
laser device,
There are different classification methods for lasers, which are generally classified according to different working media, and can be classified into solid lasers, gas lasers, liquid lasers, and semiconductor lasers.
By Kerry  2019-06-27
steel rule blade bending machine, steel rule blade bender,
Steel rule blade bending machine is widely use in steel rule dies making factory,die shop,die making industry. There have auto steel rule blade bending machine and manual steel rule blade bender. So what you need to know……
By Owen  2019-06-26
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine, laser die,
The main service target of the laser die (by laser die cutting machine) making factory is the printing and packaging factory, and the most important products of the printing and packaging factory are all kinds of packagi……
By Kerry  2019-06-24

Steel rule die three components are involved: a cutting edge, a die board (12mm 15mm or 18mm,which is depend)and a rubber ejector.
By Owen  2019-06-21
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine,
When laser die cutting machine’s laser power supply does not shine, you can know some maintenance tips as below: 1.Power on first to observe the fault point of the laser power supply on laser die making machine.
By Kerry  2019-06-18
laser die cutting machine,
Which fume filtration unit is best for your and your laser die cutting machine.There are a few factors that come into play when deciding which filter system is suit for your or your laser die cutting machine.
By owen  2019-06-17
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
Laser dies can be roughly classified into the following types depending on the material being die cut and the industry in which they are applied: 1. Laser dies (by laser die cutter) for ordinary packaging boxes; ……
By kerry  2019-06-11
laser die cutting machine, co2 laser die cutting machine,
Understanding the fundamentals will help you save time and money.In this article, there are will be discussing laser die cutting machine.
By Owen  2019-06-10
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine,
The laser generator on laser die making machine includes five parts: full-reflection diaphragm, xenon lamp, YAG crystal, concentrating cavity, and semi-reflex diaphragm. The laser generator is the core part of laser die ……
By Kerry  2019-06-06

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar.
By Owen  2019-06-04
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine,
When high and low pressure of chiller on laser die cutting machine are higher than normal normal pressure Analysis of the cause: The reason for this is that there is air or refrigerant in the system of laser die makin……
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