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Environmentally Friendly PVC Die Board Saw Cutting Machine
Environmentally Friendly PVC Die Board Saw Cutting Machine
Yisong Environmentally friendly PVC die board saw cutting machine is a new patented die making machine to handle PVC die board (bakelite sheet board; plastic die board). The PVC die handled by our machine has the advantages of high precision, high verticality and high clamping force. During the processing no smoke and toxic gas are generated. 

No need special non-water plastic sheet board and no need to adjust machine before cutting, when compared with laser machine. What’s more, it's very cost-saving and energy-saving.

Main Functions:

▸Processing: 1-10MM PVC / PP / PC Plastic board, Acrylic board, Plywood board, bakelite board and etc.

▸Auto saw cutting / milling / marking / half bridge processing / stripping processing and etc

▸Upgrade according to different customer needs by YISONG independent development control system

▸Intelligent conversion and optimization of graphic file,the operation is simple and fast 

▸Fully Automatic bridging

▸Safety alarm system 

▸Tool monitoring alarm system

Main configurations:

▸All adopted YASKAWA servo system, it realizes high stable performance and energy saving

▸Imported Guide Rail & Screw shaft assure the machine runs in high precision and more stability

▸All accessories are equipped by International well-know brand

▸YISONG Independent Control System,which is strong in machine upgrading and expanding

Main Features:

▸Energy Saving

All adopted YASKAWA energy saving servo system, very low electricity 

▸Environmental Protection

Green processing way :without using the laser, the whole processing has no smoke and toxic gas

▸High Quality 

Cold processing way: kerf is straight / perpendicular and tight cutting tole

No corrosive laser fume problem ,steel cutting rule is not easy to get rusted and more long using-life

▸Low cost

Consumables are only saw blades and milling cutters, and the processing cost is less than 1/10 of laser cutting machine

▸Health Care

No smelly, No burning flame and dense laser fume problems during the processing.The health and production security are guaranteed.


Product name

Automatic plastic die board sawing machine

Machine model

YS-J 0605 / YS-J0906


Saw cutting, milling, half-bridge, stripping holes

Machine size

2300*1870*1670mm / 2500*1870*1670mm

Cutting area

600mm*600mm / 900mm*600mm

Cutting thickness

≤ 8 mm

Saw cutting speed

0-1000mm/min,   speed is adjustable

Milling speed

0-2000mm/min,   speed is adjustable

Cutting line width

0.45mm / 0.5mm

Control drive

Yaskawa servo motor, Screw & linear guide rail driving

Cutting board application

Plastic board (PVC), Acrylic, plywood

Voltage / Machine power

380V 1000W

Air pressure

0.5-0.6 MPA

Accurate tolerance

±0.03 mm

Repeatable tolerance


Kerf perpendicularity


Machine consumables

saw blade; electricity consumption

Machine Weight

1800KG / 2000KG

Die Sample by plastic die cutting machine:


Sample and info request

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