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January 2019
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By Owen  2019-01-26
rule blade bending machine, steel rule bender,
The driver used in the rule blade bending machine is a very user-friendly and intelligent professional driver. Users can do most of the operation with just a mouse click, and AutoCAD personnel can easily use the steel ru……
By Kerry  2019-01-24
die cutting machine, rotary die cutting machine,
Rotary die cutting tools use a a cylindrical die on a rotary press. Cutting material is fed through the press into an area which contains a rotary tool.Rotary die cutting machine is ideally machine to the manufacture of ……
By Owen  2019-01-23
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine,
Nowadays, laser die cutting machine is the most-used equipment for each die making factory. The cutting speed of laser die making machine is crucial. It is related to the efficiency of work, even the survival of die maki……
By Owen  2019-01-19
steel rule bending machine, rule blade bending machine,
Automatic steel rule bending machine is a modern technology for die making. It is fast, precise and high bending quality. For advanced rule blade bending machine, there are many functions on it, such as Bending,Bridgi……
By Kerry  2019-01-17
rotary die cutting machine, laser rotary die cutting machine,
The dies make by laser die cutting machine. Flat die laser cutting machine/flat and rotary die laser cutting machine/rotary die laser cutting machine. Rotary die cutting machine is ideally suited to the manufacturer of h……
By Owen  2019-01-15
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
CO2 laser die cutting machine system components are as below: (1) Machine part: The machine part of the laser die cutter, the mechanical part that realizes the movement of the X, Y and Z axes, including the cutting work……
By Kerry  2019-01-14
CNC die sawing machine, laser die cutting machine,
The maintenance cost and installation cost different between CNC die sawing machine and laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2019-01-12
Plastic die sawing machine, Plastic die making machine,
​The advantages of using plastic die making machine to handle leather goods transparent acrylic die board: ……
By Kerry  2019-01-10
Automatic die making machine, jigsaw machine,
Automatic die making machine is an automatic processing machine. Automatic die making machine is different from laser die cutting machine which without using laser.Automatic die making machine the main movements are driv……
By Owen  2019-01-08
steel rule blade bender, blade bending machine,
Advantages of steel rule blade bender: The machine has high precision, high speed and simple operation. The replacement of cutting rules can be completed in just a few minutes. For difficult puzzles,dolls and other graph……
By Kerry  2019-01-07
laser die cutting machine, laser die cutter,
Laser die cutting machine is a fantastic and cost-efficient choice to die-cutting. Because laser die cutting machine by no means contact the material, laser die cutting machine are precise sufficient to reduce tiny, chal……
By Owen  2019-01-03
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
The cutting edge has more or less traces left by laser die cutter, and the depth of the texture determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the grain, the lower the roughness and the smoother the surface……
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