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Solutionsfor the laser die cutting machine does not emit light
By Esperanza  2018-11-29
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The light control of the laser die-cutting machine is mainly affected by the laser tube in the laser die cutting machine.the laser power supply, the water circulation system and the light-emitting signal of the laser die cutting machine. The light-emitting signal includes the light-emitting signal given by the control board, the water protection signal, the door switch signal and the like in the laser die cutting machine. Therefore, the light is not mainly from the laser tube laser power water circulation system and the light signal for the laser die cutting machine.


Generally, first check whether the laser power supply is normally energized for the laser die cutting machine .whether the outer tube of the laser tube is abnormal, and whether the water circulation system is normal for the laser die cutting machine.If it is not normal, replace it or adjust it accordingly. In the normal situation of the above aspects, the optical signal problem should be considered for the laser die cutting machine.Generally, the short-circuit signal (short-circuit laser power supply current 5v and ain short-circuit water protection p and gnd with lock-free switch control l and gnd) is used first for the laser die cutting machine.

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