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By admin  2021-05-21
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine,
Daily inspection and maintenance of high-power laser die makingmachine a. Before starting up every day, carefully check the pressure of the working gas and cutting gas of the high-power laser die cutting machine. ……
By admin  2021-05-07
laser die cutting machine, laser die making machine,
The guide rail and the screw directly determine the transmission speed and accuracy of the laser die makingmachine. They are relatively expensive mechanical parts that can be replaced. Effective maintenance not only ensu……
By  2021-04-20

A CO2 laser die cutting machine could be a sort of CNC(computer numerical controlled)machine, that means that CO2 laser die cutting machine controlled by a laptop.
By admin  2021-04-02
laser die making machine, laser die cutting machine,
The accuracy of laser die cutting machine is composed of many factors:
By  2021-03-25

What is vacuum forming
By admin  2021-03-12
auto bender machine, laser die cutting machine, die making, cutting die,
The following briefly introduces the application of auto bender machine and laser die cutting machine for die making, which is also equivalent to the process of die making:
By admin  2021-03-05
die cutting, cutting rule,
laser die-cutting machine divided into flat laser die cutting machine and rotary die-cutting machine.there are the two most prevalent industrial cutting methods.
By admin  2021-02-26
die cutting, cutting rule,
Choosing the right cutting rule is the first step to make a laser die, and the choice of cutting rule is determined by the characteristics of the die cutting material.
By  2021-01-13
laser die cutting machine,
Choosing the right laser die cutting machine will help you enjoy a high quality working environment.
By admin  2021-01-08

The influence of laser cutting parameters on cutting quality (1) Focus position The focal position has a greater influence on the roughness of the cut surface, and different materials have different requirement……
By admin  2020-12-23
laser die,
​What need to know when using the laser die cutting machine.
By admin  2020-12-14
laser die, ejection rubber,
Factors affecting cutting die quality 1. The cutting line of the laser die is not perpendicular. After die-cutting for a period of time, the cutting rule originally installed on the curved part of laser die tilted. ……
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