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How does laser die cutting machine work?
By Kerry  2018-11-17

A laser die cutter works by focusing a laser beam on a piece of material.The laser from a laser die cutter is so powerful that when focused, it raises the temperature of the material to be cut enough to melt or vaporize the material in a small area where the beam is focused.


In general, auxiliary gases are used to help push the molten material from the cutting area. This is especially true for cutting metal or thick sheet materials such as plywood.


As for the types of lasers used in laser die cutting machines, industrial laser die cutters usually use CO2 or fiber laser die cutter, occasionally use diode lasers or Nd: YAG disk lasers, and generally use sealed CO2 laser die cutting machine or diode lasers for small or medium die making factory with low power laser die cutting machine. For example, 300w low power laser die cutting machine which two 150 laser tube become one.


The industrial laser cutter is usually 1-8kw, while the amateur laser die cutting machine is usually between 0.25w and 40W, so the industrial laser cutteris 100-1000 times stronger than the amateur one.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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