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Computer steel bending rule machine operation process
By Esperanza  2018-11-26
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The emergence of fully automatic steel  bending machines has brought greater convenience to the printing industry. Our common steel bending rule machine has a manual bending machine and a computer automatic bending machine. These steel  bending rule machines have their own characteristics. They have different uses in different fields. They are widely used because of their functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, fast installation, etc., so they can be used vigorously here.


The operation process of the computer steel bending rule machine is very simple. Let me briefly introduce it below:


1. Use AutoCAD to draw a die-cutting board.


2. Transfer the cut line drawing file to the bending machine control program. Since this system is specially designed for the steel bending rule machine, all the functions and operations are available on the operation interface, and various parameters are set. Fast

3. Select the starting and ending points of the part to be bent, select the number of bending tools for this position for the steel bending rule machine set the compensation distance of the starting and ending positions, and confirm the cutting method using the eagle or the flat cutting for the steel bending rule machine.

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