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Auto bender machine
Auto bender machine
Yisong's own creation for software system, owning many innovative functions that others don't have such as Auto rule cassette holder, Intelligent rule bending tolerance detection, Innovative milling module etc.

R 平切  Straight cut

 无缝对接                  Seamless joint

R 桥位  Bridge

 高低位置可调                Height adjustable

R 冲孔  Hole

 高低位置可调               Height adjustable

R 鹰嘴  Lipping

 大/小鹰嘴             Big & Small lipping

R打点/打齿 Nicks/Perforate

 宽度/深度可调           Width/Depth adjustable

R 磨V槽 V-shape broaching

 宽度/深度可调           Width/Depth adjustable

R 检测 Bending detection

 全智能参数补偿           Intelligent parameter compensation

R 折弯  Bending

 最小90°小圆弧折弯半径:R1     90°small arc min. bending radius:R1

 最小180°小圆弧折弯半径:R3   180°small arc min. bending radius:R3

R 剪切  Cutting

 最小剪切尺寸:1mm           Min. Cut size:1mm

   刀料   Rule

 适用刀料厚度*高度:0.71*23.8mm    Rule thickness & Height: 0.71*23.8mm

   刀库   Rule cassette 

 全自动型、6盘刀、逆时针刀盘       Fully-automated, 6 floors rule cassettes,                             rule anticlockwise coiled

   送料方式 Rule feeding

 双丝杆双夹循环送料          Double ball screw loop feeding mode

   弯刀机软件  Software


 Yisong cutting die files processing software & Rule bending CNC software







工作气压Air pressure

0.6~0.8 MPa


Machine weight

890 Kg


Machine size

   弯刀机      Auto bender:L1713×W955×H1400(mm)

   刀盘架      Rule cassette:L1096×W879×H1400(mm)

1. Software system (Yisong's own creation)

◆Intelligent bending path angle processing:One click to generate bending path at proper angle enlarging,  labor free and can adjust manually. Compensation data is graphically displayed;

various typical angle handling can be free defined and one click  processed.

◆Bending simulation: Rule bending can be simulated and bending path angle enlarging is adjusted in real time to avoid interference.  The interference effect is graphically displayed, no need experience to adjust compensation data.

◆ Intelligently decomposing rule bending path: Conventional rule bending path decomposing functions available; One click to decompose rule bending path and can be manually modified (Use   big data to set the fracture position automatically), the decomposed rule bending paths are graphically displayed.

◆ Multi rule bending files processing: The graphical file processing system is separated from the rule processing control system,  software won't crash when handling multi files.

◆ Software: The new type of independently developed CAD technology base platform is with unlimited upgrade space for intelligent functions.

◆ Labor saving: Highly intelligent, greatly reduce worker's software operation workload and is friendly to those with less experience.

2. Intelligent detection(Original technologies patents  protected)

◆ Bending tolerance detection for full range angle or any radius arc (Fully-automatic in high speed)

◆ Fully-automatic intelligently setting compensation parameters, can store compensation parameters for rules in different hardness.

◆ Any new rule coil can be bent in tight tolerance  after a high-speed detection, tight tolerance maintains for long time.

◆ Can automatically adapt to machine hardware wear error after detection (including the wear of bending tool), greatly reduce the repair frequency for parts tolerance.

3. Cluster production

◆ One staff can operate bender host to control multi bender extensions & crease cutting machines for cluster production.

◆ Simplified hardware parts on bender extension  &  crease cutting machine, saving machine purchase cost.                                                                                                                                                      

◆ Machine functions are powerful by adopting Yaskawa servo motors & drive 、control board card, can support multiple auto benders connected for cluster production.

4. Modular upgrade

◆ In early stage you can just purchase a bender host, and add   bender extension or crease cutting machine later for cluster production.

◆  Basic model is not be equipped with nicking/perforating/broaching  functions, but can be upgraded by adding milling module or other functional modules and no need to buy a new machine.

5. Full automatic rule cassette holder

◆  Rule coils changing fully-automatic: One-click control on software   to achieve rule gripping & returning into cassette 、rule switching 、rule feeding 、cut to position starting point 、automatic stop &   alarm when lack of rule material.

◆ Parameters of each rule coil can be defined. When rule coilin one  cassette runs out, can automatically switch to other rule coil with   the same parameter. Also can automatically switch to  corresponding rule coil according to cutting die file requirement.

6. Milling module

◆  Separated cutter wheel & cutting insert: Just replace new cutting insert when it wears, no need to change cutter wheel.

◆  Cutting insert is superior than cutter wheel: higher in hardness, more hard-wearing, longer lifespan, lower price and cheaper production cost.

7. Punching module

◆ Adopt vertical installation structure, easy to adjust the punching height, save space and convenient to change mould.

◆ Freely define the mould stations, and software can automatically switch to the corresponding mould station when punching.

◆ It won't generate rule waste as the rule front side is punched by mould station instead of scissor cut. The rule front side is flat and clean.

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