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By Kerry  2018-11-14
blade bending machine,
Auto blade bending machine is not only widely used in packing & printingindustry, die-making factory but also widely used in the die-making of bos,doll,electron product, adhesive stickers,label, trademark and so on.
By Owen  2018-11-13
laser die cutting machine, laser die cutter,
The water change of the chiller from the laser die cutting machine, is mainly determined according to the operating environment and water quality.
By Esperanza  2018-11-12
laser die cutting machine, laser die cutting,
The cutting of laser die cutting machine is a special branch of non-metal laser die cutting machine. The principle is to use laser to cut 0.45, 0.71, 1.05, 1.42 gaps on 18mm-25MM board, and then install the corresponding……
By Owen  2018-11-10
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
​For a laser die cutter, the method of adjusting and calibrating the optical path is more complicated, but it ……
By Owen  2018-11-08
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
The precision of laser die cutting machine consists of many factors as below:      1. The size of the spot after the laser beam passes through the focus      The smaller the spot after the laser beam from laser die cut……
By Kerry  2018-11-07
laser die cutting machine,
When it comes to cutting sheet metal, laser die cutting machine and waterjet cutting are both highly technical and highlt accurate. However, recent technological advances have given laser die cutting machine cutting stee……
By Owen  2018-11-06
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
If you compare a laser die cutting machine to a car, the laser and the power supply are its engine and gearbox. The motor guide rail is the tire on which it depends. When the laser die cutter needs high precision control……
By Kerry  2018-11-05
laser die cutting machine,
Since the 1980s, laser die cutting machine has proved to be a universal and effective method of making steel rule die. At present, laser die cutting machine is still one of the most cost-effective and accurate steel rule……
By Esperanza  2018-11-02
laser die cuttingf machine, laser die,
Laser die cutting machine is a high-efficiency, highly intelligent automatic cutting equipment, so in daily operation and use, maintenance should pay attention to diligent maintenance, diligent maintenance of the laser d……
By Esperanza  2018-11-01
laser die cutting machine, laser die,
The guide rail and lead screw directly determine the transmission speed and accuracy of the laser die cutting machine. It is the most expensive mechanical component that can be replaced in the equipment for that laser di……
By Esperanza  2018-10-31
laser die cuting machine, laser die,
accurate and meticulous: processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm, generally less than 0.5mm for the laser die cutting machine
By Esperanza  2018-10-30
laser die cutting machine, laser tube,
After the laser tube which applied in the laser die cutting machine is operated for a period of time, a large amount of dirt adheres to the wall of the water tube of the laser tube and the water-passing water pipe due to……
Green World Environmentally friendly die

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