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New Solution for Steel Rule Die--Yisong automatic die saw machine
By Owen  2018-11-23
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Laser die cutting machine is widely used in die making industry all over the world.

Do you know if there is another choice for die making?

Yes, here we present you the new patented CNC die sawing machine. We developed this new technology since 2013, and our automatic die saw machine finally comes out this year with dozens of patents.

The machine uses saw blade to cut steel rule die automatically, it can handle 18-22 mm die board at one time. No toxic air & smoke generated, it's a pollution-free die board processing way.

Machine owns higher cutting precision than many brands of laser machine on market; the die board handled can be used for cigarette & Pharmaceutical packaging which requires tighter cutting tolerance,  it's more durable and can die cut for longer time; 

Machine owns simple configuration, only consists of CNC sawing table & air compressor, easy for machine maintenance.

We hope machine can provide a better die making solution with accurate die quality & much less machine running cost.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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