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Auto blade bending Machine Special Features
By Kerry  2018-11-14
blade bending machine,

1. The most advanced Multi blade bending machine widely used in packing & printingindustry, die-making factory


2. Blade bending machine widely used in the die-making of bos,doll,electron product, adhesive stickers,label, trademark and so on.


3. Blade bending machine apply many file type: DWG,CFFW,DXF,CDR,NC


4. Blade bending machine use-friendly windows-based software(winXP) with self-developed XMBD program.


5. Blade bending machine Unique rule-feeding design, start from Zero forever without waste of rule


6. Blade bending machine special one-time cutting method improvecutting speed and accuracy


7. Blade bending machine one machine with many functions, suchas rule-feeding, bending, cutting, perforation, nicking, lipping, broaching,bridge


8. Blade bending machine adopt theadvanced servo drive to improve the working speed and accuracy


9. Blade bending machine achieve the patent at home and abroad


10. Blade bending machineeasy to install and operate


11. Blade bending machine Multi-function machine for lipping&bridge

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