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Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine

Automatic Environmentally Friendly Die Board Sawing Machine

The machine which is used to handle environmentally friendly die board is called environmentally friendly die board sawing machine. The main movements are driven by 9 servo motors and it is automatic. The machine structure mainly includes saw cutting head part and cutting table.


The design inspiration originated from the traditional Chinese “ Five Elements” theory. This machine demonstrates “Metal restricts wood” theory essence. We use saw blade on this machine to cut the die board, not by laser. Technically speaking, laser is a kind of fire because it burns the die board. However, saw is a kind of metal tool which can cut the die board but won’t cause burning.

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The development of environment-friendly die board should avoid using laser. People had to choose mature laser technology because numerical control technology was not advanced enough. Nowadays, Yisong environment-friendly die board sawing machine has found the root of “ metal restricts wood” and returned to the right direction. Yisong die board sawing machine can not only remove all the problems laser cutting causes, but also improve the cutting precision and accuracy.


Printing and packaging  companies can get lots of benefits by using our die board sawing machine.

1.Higher precision and accuracy, Higher quality of printing&packaging product

2.Die cutting blade is more anti-rust die cutting blade, good for stocking.

3.Die cutting blade is replaceable, which is suitable for big quantity and long-term orders.

4.An ideal substitute for "Sandwich die board" to make high-end printing&packaging products.

5.Easier to be classified, preserved and found according to the file number on the edge of the die board.

6.Can be used to handle positioning holes or positioning slots

7.The edge and slots are wooden, which is clean and tidy.

8.Printing&packaging factory can build up their own die board making workshop, and the environmental problem of the laser die board can be avoided.


Competitive Edges Die Board Factories Can Gain From Making and Selling Environmental Die Board.

1.Avoid to be inspected by government environmental protection department

2.Improve the competitiveness of die board factory

3.Help die board manufacturers expand their business scope

4.Decrease the manufacturing cost for die board factory

5.Reduce the cost of maintenance and installation

6.Improve security guarantee for employees & enterprises

7.Easy-operating, easy-learning and easy-training, technician would like the machine better.

8.Eliminate environmental pollution & health impacts

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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