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Die board rubber cutting & installing machine
Die board rubber cutting & installing machine
Auto die board ejection rubber cutting & installing machine

Technological Process

1. Intelligently generate ejection rubber strips graphic

2. Intelligently generate rubber cutting layout

3. Layout rubber automatic cutting

4. Automatic accurate detection of cutting die positioning

5. Automatic gluing based on detected location

6. Novel module automatically picking up & pasting rubber


Processing capacity

Replace manual rubber installing, support cutting different rubber materials in partitions and pasting rubber automatically at one time.

Rubber installing quality

Accurate rubber installing, neatly arranged, competent for any high quality cutting dies' rubber installing requirements.

Labor saving

Simple operation, whole process can be auto completed by only a few keys, labor saving and no technical experience is required.

Simple module

Cutting/detecting/pasting mechanism are highly integrated, multiple functions in one machine, simple & efficient structure.

Comprehensive performance

Easy maintenance, easy use, high accuracy, high automation.

Other flexible performance

Can manual/automatic interrupt rubber strips, freely handle the generating plan; Can define modular cutting and pasting of rubber strips in standard shape; Allow to freely define rubber strips cutting or not cutting, gluing or not gluing, pasting or not pasting.

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