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Plywood Eco Die Board CNC Sawing Machine
Plywood Eco Die Board CNC Sawing Machine
Yisong Plywood Eco Die Board CNC Sawing Machine is the automatic processing equipment and without laser. It can saw-cut 6~22 mm plywood die board at one time and the kerf  has the advantages of high precision, high verticality and high clamping force. During the processing have no black edge, no smoke and toxic gas.  

This is machine is not only eco-friendly and high precision,but also very cost-saving and energy-saving.

 Main Function:

▸Process 6-22mm plywood 

▸Saw blade cutting

▸Milling/router cutting (up and down Synchronous and asynchronous processing) 

▸Automatic half bridge, Waste cleaning remove stripping,Bevel processing, Multi step machining

▸Self-developed control system

▸Processing 2D to 3D simple and fast,No need to spend high salary to hire 3D program designer

▸Safety protection alarm function;

▸Saw blade/Router anti-blunt alarm function

Main configuration:

▸Energy-saving and stable Yaskawa servo system

▸Import lead screw guide rail, high operation accuracy

▸All accessories use international well-known brand

Main Feature:

▸Energy saving: Yaskawa servo system power consumption very low (less than 1 kilowatt-hour )

▸Environmental protection:No toxic gas and harmful substance.Don’t worry government keeps checking environmental protection comparing with laser cutting


▸Using sawing cutting, high vertical knife slit, no black carbonization

▸Blade no corrosion and no rust, improving die board service life 

▸More accurate positioning of the multi-layer board

Cost:only saw blade and milling router consumables,10% cost of the laser cutting machine

Healthy: Smokeless and tasteless, comfortable working environment



YS-M1512N                         YS-M1812N

Occupy Dimension

3800mm *2400mm *1950mm            4400mm *2400mm *1950mm

Effective cutting size

1500mm *1200 mm                    1800mm *1200mm

Main Function




Cutting Speed


Knife slit width

0.71 mm/1.05 mm/1.42 mm

Cutting Accuracy


Data Format


Control Drive

Yaskawa Servo Control


ead screw guide rail

Data Port


Voltage and power consumption

380V, power saving mode (less than 1 kW·h)

Air Pressure

Customer prepare 0.6MPA (Suggest using 0.8MPA/air compressor with 80L tank capacity)

Machine Weight

4.5 Ton

Sample and info request

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