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laser die cutting _steel rule blade bender
By Kerry  2018-08-21
steel rule balde bender,

Steel rule bender is widely used in blade bending, package box and so on.

How is steel rule blade bender working, at first the design team will creates a CAD drawing and send it to the laser die cutting machine. Laser die cutter to burn the drawing into the wood. And then the file sent via the steel rule bender. The steel rule bender cut, bends, and notches the steel rule into the precise strutre and length needed.

Some steel rule blade bender are bend fist cut last, and some steel rule benders are cann not bend first cut last design.


An atuo steel rule blade bender machinecan handle many different types. The steel rule blade bender bending sleeves process 2, 3 and 4 pt, steel rule blade from 22.5 up to 60 mm.


Auto steel rule balde bender allo you for multiple operations such cutting,lipping,bridging,bending,feeding.

1.Feeding-----use the roll feeding system,could feed the steel rule very fast and accurately


2.Cutting-----automatical cutting, easy to cut  the steel rules


3.Bridging-----automatic bridging


4.Lipping-----automatic lipping


5.Bending-----use firmware bending system, could bend the boxes, toys, electronics perfectly

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