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Plastic laser die cutting machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-08-22
laser die cutting machine,
Laser die cutting machine is the most important automatic machine for die making. The laser beam has energy to cut different materials, such as plywood, metal, plastic, acrylic etc. Laser die cutting machine cuts through the material according to the design layout. 

Plastic die board is mainly for label products and sticker products. Plastic die usually is 5mm or 6mm, the width kerf is 0.45mm. When laser die cutting machine cuts the plastic die or PVC die, not only dense laser smoke would be produced, but also smelly air. These smelly air can pollute the environment and also cause rust on the laser die cutting machine. Die makers should clean the laser die cutting machine very often to avoid machine damage and prelong the lifespan.

Laser beam on laser die cutting machine melt the plastic materials in the cutting line. After inserting steel rule blade in the kerf, if you need to stock these dies, you should maintain them to avoid plastic die get rusted.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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