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Structure parts of the blade bending machine
By Owen  2018-08-20
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We will briefly introduce several important parts of the blade bending machine. 


The cutter heads of steel rule blade bender, which are used to carry the raw materials we need to process. Feeding guide rail of blade bending machine, its function is to provide access to raw materials, and also has an important role, that is, the disc cutter we use for the production, it will be due to physical reasons, it will not appear straight when we work, this time feeding guide plays a very important role. After the blade enters the guide rail, because the guide rail is straight, the blade is physically squeezed when it passes through the guide rail, thereby straightening the disc cutter.


The tool holder of steel rule blade bender, is used to provide power. The disc cutter does not move when it is placed in the guide rail. Therefore, it is necessary to provide power to the feed rail by the roller driven by the servo motor. This component is critical and directly affects the bending quality of blade.


The punch from blade bending machine, which acts to punch the raw material during the processing. It is only a consumable of the bridge parts, which will become blunt for a long time and needs to be replaced.


The bending part of steel rule blade bender, its role is to process the raw materials, is also the most important part, the products we need are completed in this part, it is composed of the inner film, the outer mold, the power is provided by the servo motor in the chassis.


At the scissors section, all finished products are cut by scissors into a separate piece.

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