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Several types of laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-06-26
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What is a laser die board?

Laser die board is a mold for inserting blades on wooden boards or plastic sheets. It is mainly used for die cutting of post-press processing, die cutting processing and silk screen printing and punching processing.


What is the difference between a laser die cutting machine and an ordinary laser cutting machine?

Laser die cutting is a special branch of non-metal laser cutting. The principle is to use laser to cut 0.45, 0.71, 1.05, 1.42 mm gaps of several widths on the board of 18mm-25MM, and then install the corresponding size of steel rule blade on it. Often laser die cutting machine requires more than 300W of laser power to cut the board for more desired effect.


There are several types of laser die cutter on the market today.

1. 300W double head laser die cutting machine is currently the most widely used equipment in the country, although it’s relatively the poor stability when compared with high power laser die cutting machine, but fortunately easy maintenance, equipment prices and the cost of use is lower, cutting speed can meet the needs of most small and medium-sized laser die making factory.


2. 300,400 watt single-head laser die cutter, due to the special structure of the laser tube, is spliced by three low-power laser tubes, so the probability of problems in the use of the process is relatively high, the power drop is relatively fast, Therefore, the cutting efficiency will be relatively slow, and the maintenance cost is also relatively large. The advantage is that this laser die cutting machine adopts a gantry design, the machine structure itself is relatively stable, and it can cut some thin iron plates, and it can choose to cut the iron plate to make plastic molds.


3. 1000W, 1500W, 2000W high-power laser die cutting machine, characterized by fast cutting speed, high precision, good stability, but the price is more expensive, high processing cost, suitable for laser die making factory with a certain amount of business support.

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