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Laser die cutting system for die making
By Kerry  2018-06-23
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Flat laser die cutting machine is consolidated model for use in the paper industry, usually the laser die cutting machine working area of 2500*1500 or 1500*1200mm, and cover all standard sizes of obtainable formats.

Powers availabel range of the laser die cutting machine from 200w-3000w, by enhance the die board laser cutting machine’s laser source power, the cutting speed will also increase, which resulting in a higher production capacity of the laser die cutting machine

A flat laser die cutting machine is made up of a moving table along X axes and Y axes, and a fixed head that guarantees cutting regularity over the entire surface to be worked.

CO2 laser die cutting machine is now one of the most appreciated processes in many industrial. Plywood, plastic, PVC, aluminum plate or acrylic, die board laser die cutting machine will be precise, fast,and without waste or need more further processing.


Green World Environmentally friendly die

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