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One thing to know before choosing a laser die cutting machine
By kerry  2018-06-27
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In the event that you've settled on the choice to work a laser die cutting machine in-house, there are a number of performance conditions and maintenance issues unique to laser die cutting machines. 


Get a laser die cutting machine, the climate control that you should consider.


A laser die cutting machine uses light instead of hard tooling and hard steel blades. Therefore, your materials will respond in an unexpected way, and the result from the runs (smoke, particulates) require diverse establishment necessities and ventilation.


So what are important items that are required in terms of safety, maintenance and ongoing operation with a laser die cutting machine.


A climate-controlled surroundings with low humidity is quality for finest laser die cutting machine stability.die board laser cutting machine like to stay in an ambient temperature, due to the fact in contrast to metallic tooling, the laser die cutting machine has some high-tech aspects inner the laser cavity that are greater sensitivity to heat.


For example, we installed a laser die cutting machine in a room (30’x30’) with the chiller for the laser die cutting machine also inside the room. in an hour the room warmed up to 95 degrees, and the laser die cutting machine sporadically shut down. We as a result moved the chiller outside the room, which solved the problem.


Laser die cutting machine operation can become intermittent in temperatures above 100 degrees and catastrophic when the cooling fluid temperature is at or below the dew point of the air.

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