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Method for detecting laser tube voltage of laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-08-06
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If the energy of the laser tube from laser die cutting machine is reduced or there is no energy, we first check the input voltage of the laser tube and then consider other possibilities. The laser die cutter to power the laser tube under normal conditions is DC 48V. Even if the external voltage is normal, if the power board fails, The rated voltage of the laser tube from laser die cutting machine will not reach 48V, which will cause the laser tube energy to decay or malfunction. Here's how to detect the laser tube voltage:


laser tube.jpg

1. If it is not 48V, there may be a problem with the power board. If it is 48V, it may be other reasons for the laser tube itself of laser die cutter.


2. Turn off and unplug the laser tube power plug from laser die cutting machine.


3. Start and transfer the file that was cut when the fault occurred on laser die cutter, and start cutting according to the normal working procedure.


4. Observe the plug. There are several thin lines and thick red and black lines. Measure the voltage between any red thick and black thick lines to see if it is 48V. Please note that the multimeter should be adjusted to a DC voltage.


More measurements are recommended to ensure accuracy.

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