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The principle of coated laser tube from laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-08-07
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Catalytic technology in the sealed laser tube can very effectively extend the lifespan of the laser die cutter’s tube. The service life of the un-coated catalyst is not more than 3,000 hours, and the service life of coated catalyst laser tube from laser die cutting machine is extended to more than 8000 hours.


Under the high-voltage electric excitation, the CO2 gas molecules in the discharge tube are continuously decomposed, and the CO2 dissociates into CO+O under the action of electron collision. Fortunately, this reaction process is reversible, and CO and O will recombine to form CO2 after meeting. However, this kind of encounter compounding is not complete, because the probability of their encountering recombination is always less than the decomposition process of CO2. What is more serious is that the combination of uncomplexed oxygen atoms produces O2, and the reaction activation ability of O2 and CO is very high, and it is difficult to form CO2. The O2 molecule is very active and can generate oxides with other gas molecules in the laser die cutter tube. Various oxides are very deadly for CO2 laser tubes, which can greatly reduce the output power of the laser die cutting machine. And when the oxide accumulates to a certain extent, it will generate an interlocking reaction, causing the power of laser die cutter tube to disappear in a few hours. It is popular to say that after a certain period of time, the power of the laser die cutter tube does not decrease linearly, and it is suddenly not emitted. According to the above analysis, the core solution is to accelerate the recombination of CO2 and reduce the activation energy of the reaction. Then you have to use the catalyst. The specific method is to plate the catalyst on the edge of the plasma.


The materials of the catalyst can be classified into metals or rare earths. Metals include Pt, Au, Cu, etc., which can play a significant catalytic role. Applying a metal oxide to the inner wall of the discharge tube, this solves the discharge problem well and achieves the catalytic purpose.

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