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Why Black Edge and Laser Tails on Laser Dies?
By Rachel Shieh  2018-08-04
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Laser die cutting machine is the most important automatic equipment for die making. It improves working efficiency and also improves the cutting precision compared to jigsaw machine. CO2 laser die cutting machine produces dense smoke while burning the materials. For wooden die, laser die cutting machine will burn it through, engraving will burn a little into it. And plastic dies, the heat will melt the plastic die surface. All these materials handled by laser die cutting machine will be left with black edges because of the laser heat.


Why is there black edge and black surface on the die?


dense smoke and debris are emitted when cutting / engraving. These dense smoke are discharged base of the machines. The dense smoke are pulled over the material surface causing marks. Marks also appear from hot debris which glazes or scorches the exhaust-facing edges of the cut line.


One more problem is that the laser die kerf. You might find out that the kerf is not absolutely vertical and has laser tail. Why does it happen like this? Here is the answer as below.


Laser tails


During vector cutting, the beam follows a linear path. At the beginning of a vector shape the laser needs to begin firing to pierce though the material. This entry point is most susceptible to damage since it receives the most sustained blast of heat. Due to this, small flare marks can appear on material surface. These are known as laser tails. This is why if the operator is not experienced or effective measurements are not taken to solve the problem, the kerf can be not vertical and tolerance can be high.

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