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Manual blade bending machine & auto CNC steel Bending machine: What's The Difference?
By Kerry  2018-10-10
blade bending machine,
Manual blade bending machine has been the standard of die production reliability for decades.Today, some old-fashioned engineers still cherish the simplicity of purely mechanical tools.However, most die makers now offer auto CNC steel Bending machine.


So the Manual blade bending machine or CNC steel Bending machine, what’s The Difference?


ACCURACY-Manual blade bending machine

Manual blade bending machine operator error is a threat when manual bending is performed.Quality bending depends on the operator's skill level. Any leak will end up in the waste pile.


ACCURACY-Auto CNC steel Bending machine 

Auto CNC steel Bending machine as long as the supplier's operator enters the correct specifications, the automatic CNC steel Bending machine will follow the computer program that never deviates.


TIME-Manual blade bending machine

Manual blade bending machine Capacity is limited when more human work is involved.


TIME-Auto CNC steel Bending machine

Auto CNC steel Bending machine has self-developed updated automatic bending control system with powerful function. automatic feeding,bending,double side broaching, bridging,twisting off; automatic front&back lipping, cutting.

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