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Power supply maintenance for laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-10-09
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In daily use, it is often necessary to check the working state of the laser die cutter regulator to prevent malfunctions.


For the laser power supply inspection of the laser die cutting machine, it is mainly to observe the compensation transformer, to see if the temperature rise of the voltage regulating transformer is normal, whether there is overheating or discoloration of the coil. Whether the contact of the carbon brush is kept good, whether the input and output voltages are normal, whether there is overload or not.


In order to carry out more stringent maintenance of laser die cutter, every three months, it is necessary to remove the dust and dirt of each part of the regulator, check whether the chain drive system on laser die cutting machine works normally, refuel the sprocket, adjust the tightness of the chain, check the carbon brush. Whether the rack is tilted or stuck, if it is found that it should be adjusted.


In addition, check the electrical contact for damage on laser die cutter. If it is, replace it or repair it in time; check whether the column regulator is flexible, whether the carbon brush is intact, and replace the damaged or worn carbon brush in time. If there is burns or carbon brush powder on the contact surface, apply No. 0 fine sand skin to polish the flat light and remove the dust.


Once laser die cutting machine is found to have the above abnormalities, it should be disposed of immediately or directly contact the manufacturer for repair, so as not to cause disaster.

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