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Laser die cutter installation requirements
By Owen  2018-10-12
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1. The working area of the laser die cutting machine is at least 16 square meters, and the ground is flat. Laser die cutter should be adjusted the levels during installation.

2. the laser die cutting machine power supply voltage control at 220V, if don’t meet the requirements, please install a single-phase voltage regulator, the regulator requires power 5KW (only for Laser die cutter using, other auxiliary equipment is not connected), and choose the brand regulator

3. The air compressor on laser die cutting machine requires more than 7.5KW power, the displacement is 0.9m3/min, and the brand air compressor is selected.

4. When the automatic drainage solenoid valve is installed at the bottom of the air compressor and the gas storage tank, the drainage air pipe cannot be higher than the original water outlet; the oil water separator must be purchased by the brand manufacturer.

5. The laser die cutting machine must be well grounded. The depth of the pile should be at least 1M.

6. Laser die cutter power distribution installation accessories:

The main circuit uses 6 square wires, the other branches use 4 square wires, and the length needs 10 meters; air switch 4 models C32 2P; three-hole wall socket 4 models 16A

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