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Manual blade bending machine VS auto CNC steel Bending machine
By Kerry  2018-10-13
blade bending machine,

Manual blade bending machine has been the standard of die production reliability for decades.Today, some old-fashioned engineers still cherish the simplicity of purely mechanical tools.However, most die makers now offer auto CNC steel Bending machine.


COST-Manual blade bending machine

Manual blade bending machine it is very economical to bend the steel rule blade manually. Unfortunately, this is not cost-effective. In other words, if you need a short order,simple design, Manual blade bending machine might be worth it.


COST-Auto CNC steel Bending machine

The efficiency of CNC steel Bending machine can shorten operation time and save production cost.-Auto CNC steel Bending machine’s ability to cover the entire production process also makes it impossible for you to cover transition costs.


In addition, most Auto CNC steel Bending machinecan be performed by machines and then checked by technicians.This process reduces the labor cost of the entire bending project, especially if it is a mass order

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