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Advantages of laser die compared to manual jigsaw
By Rachel Shieh  2018-08-18
laser die cutting machine,

Chinese laser die cutting machine has been developed for more than 10 years and has made rapid progress. Laser die cutting machine is popular in China and more and more manual die makers choose laser die cutting machine for die making. More and more laser die cutting machine are being exported to oversea.

Why is laser die cutting machine so popular in China? 

1. higher cutting accuracy than manual jigsaw. Some laser die cutting machine can reach 0.02mm tight tolerance.

2. good cutting quality. the same laser die in one order can be the same.

3.reliable and secure. die makers don't need to touch the laser die cutting machine to cut the die like manual jigsaw.

4.laser die cutting machine can cut different dies, more cost-saving.

5.laser die cutting machine is faster than manual jigsaw and it is controlled by computer software.
6.wide application. CO2 laser can not only cut non-metal materials but also etch them. Laser die cutting machine won't make materials out of shape.

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