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Laser die cutting machine and laser die cutting
By Kerry  2018-08-17
laser die cutting machine,

Laser die cutting machine— laser die cutting/ laser die cutting machine

what is laser die cutting, laser die cutting is the processing of precisely cutting, using focused high-power laser beam to cutting a material.

What is laser die cutting machine, laser die cutting machine is using the high-powered laser beam to cutting the workpiece, that directed by compute from a CAD.


Laser cutting is widely used in many industrial mnauafacuring. Aircraft, ships and also can be used in cutting fabric, in fashion. Laser die cutting machine is mostly used in printing&packaging industry. Laser die cutting machine, there are a wide variety of materials that can be cut by laser die cutting machine,from the most delicate paper, through styrene and acrylic to metals of all kinds. Laser die cutting machine power from 60w to 3000w.


How does laser die cutting machine work. There are two main types of laser die cutting machine used in cutting, the CO2 laser die cutting machine is most popular. Laser die cutting machine’s resetting positioning accuracy can be 0.01mm.


After the laser beam cutting, This melting and vaporisation of the material, in particular with plastics leaves a melted, nearly polished edge, requiring little to no finishing, relying on the finished purpose.

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