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why a CO2 laser die cutting machine is perfect for corrugated cardboard
By Kerry  2018-08-28
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Corrugated fiberboard is the most widely used packaging material. A low cost, its great mechanical properties and an overall good strength make it perfect for manufacturing boxes, cartons and other packages different for design and dimensions.


The most widely used packaging material is corrugated fiberboard. in generally,corrugated firberboard is fabraicated by mechanical manfacturing processes, the tools such as blades,or routers.


With the developmment of digital fabrication this paradigm has changed. The custoemrs are looking for a different way for making. The new approach that requires new tools, more accurate_laser die cutting machine.


For this reason, the last years have seen the application of CO2 lasers to the fabrication of corrugated fiberboard and paper in general. CO2 lasers have proved to have all the qualities of mechanical tools without having the drawbacks.


Therefore, the last years have seen the apply of CO2 laser die cutting machine to the fabriacation of cprrugated fiberboard and boxes and paper. The laser die cutting machine has many advantages.


The fist advantages of CO2 laser die cutting machine for plywood cutting, the processing of laser beam cutting is a non-contact process. A laser beam can easily cutting or engrave.


Then this is a key feature of the laser die cutting machine. Laser die cutting machine speed is very fast, all things being equal, a laser diec cutting machine is many times faster than a gerber router, a jigsaw machine,or an auto die sawing machine. And alway in excellent working.


Another advantage of laser material processing is its flexibility. With traditional machining process, changing the cutting geometry means changing the tool. This means that a factory can hardly start a new production unless it is massive and allows a return on the investment.


What' s more. CO2 laser die cutting machine can deal with many material.


At last, laser die cutting machien do not produce almost any waste.

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