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The thickness of blades that can be bent by blade bending machine
By Owen  2018-08-27
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The blade used in the steel rule blade bender is usually a packaged disk cutter. So, what is the thickness and height of the blade supported by blade bending machine? Let's tell you about the automatic steel rule blade bender with different functions.


At present, the thickness of the blade that can be matched with the automatic blade bending machine is generally between 0.45 mm and 1.07 mm. The most common ones are 0.45mm, 0.53mm, 0.71mm, and 1.07mm, and the height is between 8MM-50MM.


There are three models of steel rule blade bender on the market.


The first one is specially designed for 8MM to 10MM high, 0.45 mm or 0.53 mm thickness cutting blade, which can accurately bend relatively precise self-adhesive die and electronic die.


The second type of blade bending machine is a universal bending machine that can bend 8MM to 30MM high die cutters and can be applied to most laser die boards.


The third type of steel rule blade bender is a machine specially developed for thicker blade or blade with more height, which can bend 23.8 to 50MM thick blades.


Customers can purchase the blade bending machine to choose the machine that suits you according to your actual needs.

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