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How much does laser die cutting machine cutting steel cost per inch
By Kerry  2018-11-07
laser die cutting machine,

When it comes to cutting sheet metal, laser die cutting machine and waterjet cutting are both highly technical and highlt accurate. However, recent technological advances have given laser die cutting machine cutting steel a distinct cost advantage per inch for the following reasons:

Less waste

Tighter tolerances

Increased speed

Lower defects


As these advantages, laser die cutting machine is more cost-saving, so how much does laser die cutting machine cost?



Some material are more hard to work with than others, because of the forming/weight capabilities.



The material’s thickness. Usually , laser die cutting machine is best for a thickness of up to:

5mm for aluminum

75mm for carbon

75mm for mild steel



The final cost quote also takes into account the amount of metal being cut.Since the laser die cutting machine do not need to be reset, economies of scale can be achieved through larger orders.

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