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What is servo motor on laser die cutter ?
By Owen  2018-11-06
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If you compare a laser die cutting machine to a car, the laser and the power supply are its engine and gearbox. The motor guide rail is the tire on which it depends. When the laser die cutter needs high precision control, we will To use the servo motor, let's take a look at the servo motor in this section.


Servo motor of laser die cutting machine working principle:


The servo motor of laser die cutter is a typical closed-loop feedback system. The reduction gear set is driven by a motor. The terminal (output) drives a linear proportional potentiometer for position detection. The potentiometer converts the corner coordinate into a proportional voltage feedback to the control circuit board. The control circuit board compares it with the input control pulse signal to generate a correction pulse, and drives the motor to rotate in the forward or reverse direction, so that the output position of the gear set coincides with the expected value, so that the correction pulse tends to be 0, thereby achieving the purpose of precise motor positioning.


After the servo motor on laser die cutting machine has been running for a long time, some internal components will slowly age or some artificial factors cause some faults in the servo motor. What are the common faults of the servo motor in the application?


1. The power of laser die cutter is not turned on;

2. The internal motor is stuck;

3. The encoder signal line is not connected.

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