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Part 1: How much does it cost to run a laser die board cutting machine?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-21
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If you are a big business or a small company, for the steel rule dies , a laser die board cutting machine is a wise investment. This is especially for if you require the cutting of a range of materials,like plywood, plastic, metal or glass. If you are prepare or are considering investing in a laser die cutter for your business, to get some ideas and a few financial aspects may help you decide on the right model for your requirements.


If you are producing product which need accurate,precise cutting or engraving then investing in your own laser die cutter and engraving machine is a no brainer.When you calculate your potential profit margins and calculate the economic benefits of owning your own laser equipment, there are some additional expenses to consider in terms of operating costs. it’s important to know that laser die board cutting machine run at at a higher cost, because of the power consumption and consumables.


- Take consumable for instance, laser die board cutting machine cutting speed is a faster process than eco-friendly die sawing machine.but eco-friendly die sawing machine uses less power than laser die cutter, so there are different benefits to both. Laser die board cutting machine is need special gas, the using-life for lens and mirrors. As environmentally friendly die board sawing machine, the saw blade is the only consumption,even including the saw blade ,whole processing cost is less than 1/5 of  laser die cutter running cost.


- Environmentally friendly die board swing machine which is different from laser die cutter and jigsaw machine.But it is used to cut the die board like laser machine does,which are require the use of a PC to communication and carry out takes effectively. So you need also consider the power consumption used. Compare to a laser die board cutting machine, eco-friendly die board sawing machine’s electricity consumption is 1/10 of high-power laser die board cutting machine. With this in mind, when you want to investing a new machine for your die board making.


When you investing in a laser die board cutting machine, what else costs do you need to consider about? You can find out more information by clicking here.

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