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Part 2: When you investing in a laser die board cutting machine, what else costs do you need to consider about?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-21
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When investing in a laser die board cutting machine, you also have to think about in maintenance cost. Laser die cutter’s daily maintenance and weekly cleaning should apply. And the amount of cleaning required will depend on the materials being used, and at times the mirrors or lenses will need a delicate clean whilst the machine may also require realignment.


Simple upkeep does not take up much time if your laser die cutter machine is kept clean and clear and ready for its next day’s use. The cleaning of your laser die board cutting machine’s lens and mirror may take up to one hour, including realignment, but this should not interfere with your company’s production line as this can be done after working hours. 

Following a mirror cleaning, the alignment should always be checked.

With all these financial aspects, investing in your own laser die cutter machine seems to be a very cost-effective option for the low running costs and minor maintenance work will help produce a larger range of products for your business, and Will help increase your company's future profits.  What’s the cost of environmentally friendly die board sawing machine? by clicking here.

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