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Daily maintenance of automatic rule bender
By Rachel  2018-05-04
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       Today we mainly talk about how to maintain the automatic rule bender for good daily use.

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  •      The main movement part of the automatic rule bender must be regularly refueled, which can ensure the continuity of the lubricating effect of its moving parts, thereby reducing the mechanical wear to ensure the accuracy of the blade bending machine. The rest of the sports parts should also pay regular attention. If there are abnormal noises, the problems will be eliminated in a timely manner and the end result will not be resolved.

  •     The blade bending machine tool is ready for cleaning all the time. (Includes the host computer of the machine tool.) Because too much dust can hinder the flexibility of the operation of the automatic rule bender, the accumulation of water and oil will increase the load on the circuit board and the control card, and may cause it to rust and short-circuit damage. Doing well for cleaning can also prevent the rust of the die guide rails from being stuck and inflexible, and other problems of the blade bending machine tool can be detected in time for timely processing.

  •       Responsible for operating the automatic rule bender in accordance with the operating requirements of the manufacturer. The material to be bent and the bending die must be consistent with each other. Whether the blade bending machine tool parameters are reasonable or not, and different sizes of materials are used in different molds, this not only ensures the safety of the operator's life but also guarantees the safety of the automatic rule bender and prevents collisions!

  •     When not in use or in long-term use, power off in a timely manner, shut down! Let the computer rest and rest, the computer will produce a lot of cache for a long time use, regular cleaning and shutdown can make the software run more smoothly! Remember that the computer of the automatic rule bender should not be loaded too Multi-software, especially games, to avoid software conflicts or insufficient memory resulting in usage failures!

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