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Some unique characteristics of die cutting
By Owen  2018-05-05
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Die cutting, a post press finishing, allow packaging and printing material to have unique cutouts, from simple to extremely complex. Die cutting focus attention to the dimensional nature of the work piece and the characteristics of the substrate itself.


Today we will learn some of the unique features die cutting.


1. What is steel rule die?

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The steel rule die consists of cutting rules and ejected rubber. The task of cutting rules is to cut the material thoroughly. The task of the ceasing rule is to create a curved area without cracking, and the task of ejection rubber is to hold the sheet in a fixed position during cutting and eject the paperboard blank from the cutting die.


2. Die cutting’s common applications

Die cutting allows sheets of various materials (including paperboard, plastics, foils, corrugated fiberboard, and foam) to be fed through a press to a flat die cutting station where they can be die cut in the die cutting station, making perforations or creases, or even Cut the sheet into smaller parts.


3. Die cut universal design

Creative designers and departments rely on precision die cutting to achieve the special effects of their printing or packaging. Common shapes and folding carton packaging styles can be achieved through die cutting.


4. Die cutting accuracy

Die cutting, whether it is a unique shape or letter, requires a high level of precision to ensure that any cutting die matches the printing on the material. Use of high quality laser cutting dies can achieve tight tolerances. In general, die-cutting equipment can achieve 32-inch accuracy.


In addition, because the steel rule blade can be bent into almost any shape (small or large), die cutting can achieve a high level of precision.



5. The role of die cutting in folding and gluing

Although folding and gluing are separate steps in the final production process, die cutting plays an important role in the folding and gluing steps. Pre-production meetings between the die cutting and folding/gluing sectors are ideal ways to determine the best method for consistency of quality and productivity.


This cooperation sets standards and expectations for die cutting to meet assembly requirements. From ensuring that the cuts are assembled one by one, precision die cutting requires efficient folding and gluing as well as overall quality in order to increase the accuracy and speed of assembly.

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