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Competitive edges of laser die cutter over traditional manual saw table
By Owen  2018-05-02
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The application of laser die cutting machine in the market is relatively common. Compared with the traditional manual saw table, the advantages of laser die cutter in the following aspects make it gradually accepted by the market.

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High quality, high precision. With the development of die-cutting technology and the combination of blue laser pen technology and the combination of the two, the use of laser die cutter to replace the traditional die mould has obvious advantages. Laser die cutting machine is a fully automatic laser cutting, no vibration deviation, high precision and high stability. Laser die cutter is directly controlled by the computer without being limited by the complexity of the graphics, and cutting needs that cannot be accomplished by the traditional manual saw table can be cut.


No version, high efficiency. Since the laser die cutter is directly controlled by a computer, there is no need to replace the knife template, and rapid switching between different layouts can be achieved, which reduces the time required for the replacement and adjustment of the conventional die-cutting tools, and is especially suitable for short-cutting and personalized-mode cutting processing. The laser die cutting machine has the characteristics of non-contact, fast replacement, short production cycle and high production efficiency.


Easy to use, high security. Can be completed on the computer graphics cutting design, according to a variety of graphics parameter settings software automatically generated. Therefore, the laser  die cutting machine is easy to learn and use, and the operator's skill requirements are low. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator. At the same time, the cutting operator does not need to operate directly and is safe and reliable.


Repeatable processing. Since the laser die cutting machine can store computer-programmed cutting programs, it can only adjust the corresponding program when it is re-produced, and can be cut and repeated.


Due to its superior performance, laser die cutter can be widely used in invitations, greeting cards, candy boxes, stickers, paper art, paper cutting, gift boxes, cake cards, desk calendars, envelopes and other industries. Laser cutting technology is used in printing and paper products.


Yisong Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine is the automatic processing equipment and without laser. It can saw-cut 18 mm die-board at one time and the kerf has the advantages of high precision, high verticality and high clamping force. During the processing have no black edge, no smoke and toxic gas.

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