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The art of steel rule blade bending
By Owen  2018-05-02
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Although steel rule blade bending looks very simple, it hides a series of rules and techniques that allow you to implement simple or extremely complex geometries.

Automatic steel rule die bender is one of the most common uses in manufacturing.


Similar to the forming process, the bending work produces a change of direction in the geometry of the steel rule blade. In fact, by using Automatic steel rule die bender, the blade can reach the shape of a corner.


How does the steel rule blade bending work?

In the bending of steel rule blade, a piece of blade is located between two molds: a punch and a mold. The first one exerts a thrust on the blade until it matches the underlying mold.


In order to obtain different bending of the blade, there are a variety of brake press brake tools; for example, if you need to achieve an angle greater than 90°, you need to use a specific tool that works by applying horizontal pressure.


When you need to determine the type of bending, you must consider: the thickness of the steel rule blade, the type of curve to be obtained, the angle of the bend, the size, and so on.


Which are the most common steel rule blade bending processes?

Regarding the issue we just mentioned, you can choose different types of bends.


Bending of steel rule blade with a V-shaped die or air bending - when it is necessary to reach the corners up to 90° is probably the most common, it is achieved with only two tools: the upper die (die) and the lower die (die), and the steel rule blade is located Between them. Then it is U-curved and the edges are bent with a wiping die - this process uses a cylindrical die and rotational bending.

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