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Chinese Die Board Industry's Development & Current Situation
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-08
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Die board industry develops with technologies’ progress and breakthrough. Since the nineties, die board has been getting widely used while the accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher. The industries development required both automation, high precision and high accuracy. Traditional die board industry was standing in the crossroad. People tended to use Numerical Control Technology to realize automation and high precision, however at that time numerical control technology was not advanced enough to support their blueprint. Then people turned their eyes to laser technology which was already mature, that’s how laser die cutting came into being.

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Laser die cutting changed the industries, brought forth good result on automation and high precision and accelerated industries’ development. Nevertheless, with laser cutting machine being widely used in die board industry, it also brings environmental pollution, accuracy limits and high cost problems.


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Even after almost 30 years’ development, those problems have got some improvement but haven’t got solved yet. Now environment protection is concerned by everyone, industries also require higher accuracy on die cutting. In the face of these severe problems, people are thinking which way to choose and where to go with laser cutting technology.



 But die makers still have to use laser machine, because there are some reasons Why does die board cutting industry still have to use laser die board cutting machine?

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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