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The mystery of steel rule die making
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-08
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Did you ever want to know how printing and packaging manufacturers make products in special sizes and shapes? The critical step lies in the steel rule die making.Cardboard boxes and other packaging products usually are made by steel rule die cutting process to make them created in different sizes and shapes.

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The steel rule die usually is used for cutting big sheet materials into various shapes and sizes. Materials can be paper, cardboard and even rubber. Die normally has a flat base of wood, metal, plastic and so on. The most common base material is a plywood constructed out of maple, however steel or aluminum bases are also common for higher end products making, which requires higher accuracy.


steel rule die.png

When making a die, the die maker utilizes the help of die board jigsaw machine or die board laser cutting machine to cut accurate positioning kerfs in the base according to the layout design. The steel rule is made out of specially hardened steel. The steel is bent into exact positions and sizes and inserted into the kerfs that have been cut into the substrate. After the steel cutting blade is inserted, the die maker creates an ejection rubber pad or use foam which is adhered to the die base. This material helps to get out the materials from the die after the cut is made.

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