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Advantages and disadvantages of laser die cutter
By Kerry  2019-03-14
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Laser die cutting machine is widely used for die board making. Today, we will talk about laser die cutting machine advantages and disadvantages.


At fist, CNC laser die cutting machine is easier to keep the workpiece what you want to cut at the right place. Laser die cutter compared to traditional manual jigsaw machine, which is more precision.laser die cutting machine is non-contact processing way.which means the workpiece doesn’t have direct contact with the laser die cutter cutting tool,reducing the risk of contaminating the wooden board. CO2 laser die cutting machine is very fast and flexible and laser die cutting machine can be used to cut a variety of materials. Laser die cutter is a CNC machine that is easily controlled by a computer program.


How about the disadvantages of CO2 laser die cutting machine?


At first, laser die cutting machine has complicated configurations, it costs much for the maintenance&repair for these machine system.


Laser die cutting machine usually has a high energy consumption, laser die cutting machine’s efficiency and power consumption depend on the type of part that needs to be performed.

For steel rule die making, laser die cutting machine will produce not vertical dies (bell mouth).

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