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What should you do to control laser die board cutting machine pollution?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-14
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Laser die board cutting machine is using the laser, which will produce noise, smoke,arc and metal vapor. We should control the laser die cutter pollution to our daily life.



Laser die board cutting machine should be equipped with exhaust system to exhaust gas out of workplace. If the exhaust gas still pollute environment seriously, the laser die cutter should be equipment with smoke and dust transition equipment.


After equipped with exhaust system but the problem still can not be solved from the source. Also air pollution and poisoned smoke can not be removed completely even some filter are installed.


What not choose yisongenvironmentally friendly die board sawing machine,Yisong environmentally friendly die board sawing machine is different from laser die cutting machine, without using laser, it’s using the saw blade to cut the board automatically. It’s not CNC cutting machine for 9mm. It’s can cut the 18mm board by once. During the cutting processing,no smoke, that good for the environment protection.

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