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The environmental requirement for laser die cutting machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-07-24
laser die cutting machine,

Since power supply on laser die cutting machine is 3 phases 380V in China, the security of the laser die cutting machine is one of the most important thing. Below you will find the power supply requirements for laser die cutting machine.

1. The Grid voltage fluctuation should be controlled within +10%~-15%. But in China, the fluctuation is big and quality is not good, sometimes even high-frequency impulse and some human factors. Unstable voltage will cause damage to laser die cutting machine power supply system and also might lead to data loss. The suggestion is to equip the laser die cutting machine with AC stabilized voltage supply system with automatic compensation and adjustment function or get a alternative current voltage regulator for the single laser die cutting machine.

2. Connect laser die cutting machine and other machines to the same power supply. If some parts need power supply separately, these power supply should be a part of the total power supply.

3. Laser die cutting machine has some pneumatic parts, the air to the air compressor system should be clean and fry.

4. The temperature in the working plant should be constant. Only with constant temperature, the laser die cutting machine can ensure high processing accuracy. When the temperature reaches high, the machine broken down rate will increase.

5. Also the work plant of laser die cutting machine should not be humid. In southern China, laser die makers should take some actions to reduce the humidity to ensure the proper working situation for laser die cutting machine.


So the working environment temperature should be between 0~35 degree, and avoid direct sunlight,lightening devices should be equipped in the working plant.


It will be better if air conditioner can be set up in the working plant. The humidity of the house should be controlled below 75%.  The laser die cutting machine should be away from the dusty and corrosive environment.



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