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The best choice- Auto die sawing machine
By Kerry  2018-12-18
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Is there any die board which won’t drop off the cutting blade easily? Or is there any die board which can serve to cut long orders and big order?


Yes,absolutely. Yisong Auto Die Sawing Machine



With the development of printing&packaging industry, that improvements have been made on the laser die cutting machine. In order to improve the kerf vertical and clamping. From double head laser die cutting machine to single head laser die cutting machine. Although these problem still haven’t got solved.But Yisong Auto Die Sawing Machine make other big step to solve these problem.


Yisong Auto cnc die sawing machine is using the saw blade to cut the wooden,which will leave the wooden fiber in the kerf side.It is different from laser cutting die cutter which will leave carbonized layer surface on the kerf wall. These fibler will add the friction force to keep the steel blade tightly,even after many times processing,the clamping force of the kerf to blade won’t change. Please kindly click the link: that video helps you understand it better.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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