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Talking about the main features of the Automatic rule bender
By Eric  2018-05-08
Automatic rule bender|automatic steel rule die bender|blade bending machine,
Automatic rule bender is divided into high, medium and low grades, automatic rule bender can be upgraded mechanically. In the manufacturing industry, automatic rule benders are widely used in the production of electronic, photoelectric and other high-precision cutters. With the rapid development of the electronic and printing and packaging industries, the automatic rule bender has also been greatly developed. And as the market demand increases, more and more types automatic rule benders are used in the manufacturing industry. Today we will talk about the main features of the automatic rule bender:

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1. The automatic steel rule die bender adopts the Auto CAD platform interface, drawing faster and more accuracy. The easy to learn operating software is convenient, fast, and efficient. Automatic steel rule die, support DXF, NC, AI, PLT and other graphics formats, free upgrade for life.

2. The high-precision mechanical parts and the excellent electronic equipment of the automatic steel rule die bender ensure the accuracy and consistency of the machete.

3. The special professional design of the automatic steel rule die bender has a powerful bending editing function, operating the steel rule die, bridge on the same machine, greatly reducing the operator's workload. It can be loaded directly into the die board.


4. The cutter of the automatic steel rule die bender is made of imported die board. Good toughness, high strength, good durability and other characteristics.

5. Blade bending machine uses a curved "shear" method to increase the shear speed and accuracy.

6. Blade bending machine adopts single-pole/single-group/multi-group automatic processing mode to realize batch processing and automatic processing.

7. The blade bending machine adopts high performance servo motor to drive automatic machete, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the failure rate.

8. The automatic visual correction system of the automatic rule bender eliminates the need for manual measurement, which greatly increases the efficiency and labor intensity.

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