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Some of the most important features of blade bending machines
By Owen  2018-04-27
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Innovative, CNC, easy to use, and able to adapt to each bending needs. Here are some of the most important features of blade bending machines.

Blade bending machines are used to bend metal and convert them from flat blade to bent blade.


The latest machine for blade bending is the automatic rule bender, which is appreciated for its flexibility and simplicity. Thanks to the software for programming this plant, you can set up a blade bending machine within minutes.


Moreover, they can bend a larger number or get a single piece of the same precision. With automatic rule bender, you can actually bend the blade without breaking it. Most importantly, you can achieve high-volume production or just keep one product to ensure the same result.


Depending on the type of bending you want to obtain and the available dies, you can achieve different bends: for example, standard bends, U bends, or swivel bends.


The first category is the main part of the elbow. In this case, in fact, there are blade bending machine equipped with tools that can achieve the most common bending; the shape does not have complicated geometry. The common type of blade bending can be a standard V shape, acute angle or flange.


The U-shaped bending of the blade is useful when the purpose is to achieve a curved surface in order to obtain a very narrow curve or concave shape.


By rotating the bend, the blade bending machine can bend a flat blade surface due to the use of a cylindrical body (rotary mold). We have a flat surface placed on a mold and turntable that is used to apply pressure and bend the blade until it reaches the shape of the mold being pushed.


Changes in blade bending machines are tools. In fact, the CNC factory is usually the same: through the exchange system of tools and custom structures, you only need to equip them with the right components to achieve the required blade bending.
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