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Quality metrics of laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2019-01-03
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Quality metrics of laser die cutting machine



The cutting edge has more or less traces left by laser die cutter, and the depth of the texture determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the grain, the lower the roughness and the smoother the surface. In general, the thinner the material, the lower the surface roughness of the cut surface; the lower the surface roughness of the cut with oxygen or argon than the oxygen cut by laser die cutting machine.



Since the cutting beam from laser die cutter is focused and the beam is diverging, this results in inconsistent spot sizes at different depths in the thickness direction of the material during cutting (especially during thick plate cutting), resulting in a failure of the cutting surface to be absolute 90°, either the upper surface is wider or the lower surface is wider. In general, the thinner the material, the better the verticality; the better the beam quality from laser die cutting machine, the better the verticality. In addition, it is also related to the relative position of the spot focus and the material thickness direction during the specific processing.



Since laser die cutter is essentially thermal cutting, the die board is inevitably deformed, and excellent cutting should minimize the adverse effects. In general for laser die cutting machine, the faster the cutting speed, the narrower the slit, the larger the gas flow rate, and the smaller the amount of deformation.


The most widely used laser die cutter in the printing and packaging industry is CO2 laser cutting.

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