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Maintenance of the core components of the laser die cutting machine
By Esperanza  2018-10-27
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The laser includes five parts: full-reflection diaphragm, xenon lamp, YAG crystal, concentrating cavity, and semi-reflex diaphragm. The laser is the core part of the laser die cutting machine, and its use and protection must be strictly observed.


1. The surface of the diaphragm and the surface of the crystal must not be contaminated of the laser die cutting machine Otherwise, it should be cleaned immediately with alcohol, ether mixture or acetone. If the surface of the gold-plated concentrating cavity is not clean, the polishing surface can be polished with a fine polishing paste of the laser die cutting machine. Lights and crystals are consumables, and care should be taken when disassembling of the laser die cutting machine.


2.The xenon lamp is a consumable item with a life of about 1×106 times. When the laser die cutting machine laser output energy drops to 2/3 of the original energy index, the new lamp needs to be replaced for the laser die cutting machine.

2. YAG crystal is coated with anti-reflection film at both ends, the price is expensive, pay attention to protection for the laser die cutting machine.


3. The lamp emits light to illuminate the YAG crystal for the laser die cutting machine.and the light emitted by the lamp is irradiated to the crystal surface as much as possible by the concentrating cavity, and the laser is output from the semi-reflexive film end under the action of the cavity of the front and rear diaphragms for the laser die cutting machine.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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