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Maintenance of laser lens and mirrow on laser die cutting machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-08-15
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Laser die cutting machine is very expensive piece of equipment. It is necessary to keep the machine in good condition to prelong the machine lifespan. 

When laser die cutting machine cuts materials, it produces dense smoke and even toxic air.
Acrylic is extremely flammable and it is smelly during being cut. You should ensure there are workers who keep their eye on the laser die cutting machine working to avoid fire accident in the workshop.

Daily maintenance of laser die cutting machine

If the laser die cutting machine cuts 8 hours a day, you should check the lens and clean it if they are dirty and blurry. The top lens and mirrow are right above the laser beam, which means they will get exposed to lots of smokes, debris and dusts. 

If the lens on the laser die cutting machine is not clean, the laser die cutting machine won't cut precisely.
It might leads to eneven kerf and blurry edges.

You can clean the lens and mirrow gently with a professional lens fluid and lens paper. Don't use alcohol or acetone or other clearner.

In conclusion, laser lens and mirrow on laser die cutting machine are critical parts for accurate die board cutting. Laser die makers should clean the machine more regularly to keep everything goes well.

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